Ecocat Thermal Store Cylinder

Our flagship thermal store, the Ecocat cylinder has been designed from the ground-up with renewable heat sources in mind...

Performance where it counts

The 4m² mains-pressure domestic hot water coil in the Ecocat thermal store is over three times larger than a standard high performance (36kW) boiler coil for greater performance at lower running temperatures.

Optimised for Heat Pumps and Boilers

The Ecocat's separate low-temperature heating buffer section allows the small, infrequent heating demands of a property that is "up to temperature" to be met by stored renewable energy before activating the heat pump/boiler to reduce wasteful on/off cycling.

Optimised for Solar Thermal

The Ecocat has the option of adding a solar coil to the domestic hot water section, allowing it to provide up to 70% of your annual hot water demand from a solar thermal system.

Optimised for Stoves and Ranges

Our wood burning stove and range connection options (sold separately) allow a solid fuel/wood burning stove or range to heat both the hot water and heating sections of the Ecocat to their required temperatures independently for safe and efficient use.