Wood Burning Stove Heating Systems

Our stove and range connection options allow the integration of an open vented or sealed system wood burning stove into your central heating system to enable you to use renewable heat for hot water as well as heating your home.



  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels
  • Simplified operation
  • Heat your whole house with a single wood burning stove
  • Use your stove to heat mains pressure hot water
  • Allows the use of renewable, carbon neutral fuel

Easy to use

Simply load your stove or range and light it and our control system will take care of the rest. Ensuring that heat is only taken when the stove is up to temperature, the connection kit automatically delivers the heated water to where it is required, be it for space heating or hot water production.

If the stove is not lit or it's present output is not enough to meet the current demand from the central heating system then the backup boiler or heat pump is automatically bought in to satisfy the demand with no noticable loss of performance.

Total control

Dual temperature controls allow the central heating and hot water systems to be safely and independantly heated to their individual optimum temperatures. For example, the stove could heat your hot water to 65°C and provide 35°C for an underfloor heating system.

Increased flexibility

Unlike traditional open-vented stove systems, our stove controls also allows the storage cylinder to be placed up to 30 metres from the stove's open-vented circuit and also allows the cylinder to be above, below or on the same level as the stove.

Unrivalled compatibility

Our stove integration options are suitable for stoves and ranges with an output to water of 3-30kW. With versions available for traditional open-vented stoves and ranges, as well as the newer sealed system versions, our controls allow virtually any stove or range with a back boiler to be connected into our integrated heating and hot water systems.

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