Domestic Pressure Boosting Systems

For properties with poor or no mains water supply, our pressure boosting systems can boost the water pressure for sinks, baths and showers and are available in sizes to suit properties from small apartments to commercial premises.

How it works

The site water supply, be it mains fed or from a borehole sump pump, is fed into storage tanks which act as a buffer between supply and demand. A controller monitors water use and activates a booster pump automatically as soon as a water outlet (tap, shower, etc.) is opened to supply water from the tanks at increased pressure, typically around 3 bar. This ensures that your thermal store or unvented cylinder has the pressure it needs to deliver the hot water performance required.

Scalable solutions

We offer a compact tank and pump unit for apartments and smaller houses, whilst larger properties are catered for by using a central pump and controller in conjunction with a series of storage tanks sized to suit the property's water supply/demand ratio.