Domestic Water Treatment

Properties in hard water areas suffer from increased amounts of lime scale, forming deposits on taps, showers and appliances and requiring more detergent for washing and bathing. To combat these issues, we offer electronic scale inhibitors to mitigate lime scale build-up and full-blown water softeners which remove hardness by treating the water.

Electronic scale inhibitors

Electronic scale inhibitors reduce deposits of lime scale on outlets and in appliances by using a magnetic field to reduce the carbonates' ability to stick to metals. Whilst this does not supply the full benefits of softened water, the reduction in lime scale build-up does reduce the amount of cleaning required and increases the life of appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Water softeners

Water softeners use a special resin filter to trap the ions in the supply that cause hardness. The filter is periodically purged using a salt solution to remove the trapped contaminates. This method is bar far the most effective at reducing lime scale build-up on taps and appliances and also reduces the amount of detergent required for washing and bathing. Owing to the treatment of the water, properties with water softener do not require an electronic scale inhibitor.

Sized to suit any project

We offer various models of scale inhibitor and water softener to cater for properties of all sizes and water demands.