Biomass Heating Systems

Biomass boilers use wood pellets or logs to generate heat for space heating and domestic hot water production. When supplied from a sustainable source of wood, biomass boilers can be considered a carbon neutral form of heating as any carbon emitted by the burning of the wood is offset by the growth of trees planted to replace those felled.

Chelmer have been designing and supplying biomass based heating systems for over a decade. We use our extensive expertise to provide a comprehensive wood pellet or log burning package using high quality components and tailored to your project's individual requirements.

All our biomass systems include step-by-step installation manuals and free installer support.

Wood pellet and log burning options

At Chelmer, we offer both wood pellet and log burning gasification options. Customers who wish to connect a wood burning stove or kitchen range to their systems should see our wood burning stove and range connection kit page, which can be found here.

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