Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps utilise low-grade heat from the ground in order to heat your home and hot water. Ground source heat pumps can be used as the sole heat source for a property's heating and hot water, or act as a backup for a solar thermal and/or wood burning stove system.

Cheaper, cleaner heat on demand

With efficiencies of up to 430%, a ground source heat pump has the ability to produce up to four units of heat for every unit of electricity used. These high levels of efficiency mean a correctly installed heat pump can operate with lower running costs and overall CO2 emissions than a fossil fuel boiler whilst still providing heat as and when required.

Suitable for projects of all sizes

We offer heat pumps in sizes from 6kW to 42kW and can integrate multiple units into a system if required; no matter what size of project you have in mind, we can design a system to suit.

The complete package

Our ground source heat pump systems have been designed as comprehensive packages to make specification and installation as simple as possible:

  • Single or three phase heat pump unit
  • Horizontal ground loop collector pipes
  • Manifold with flow gauges and purge points
  • Manifold to heat pump header pipes
  • Header pipe insulation
  • Quick-install manifold chamber with cover
  • Anti-freeze and biocide for ground loops