Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Solar thermal systems work by using flat panel or evacuated tube collectors to heat water for use in the home. A correctly sized system can provide the majority of your annual hot water demand and even contribute to heating your home.



  • Reduces your fuel bills
  • Earn money from the RHI grant scheme
  • Fully automatic operation

How we can help

Chelmer have been designing and supplying solar thermal hot water systems for over 15 years. We use our extensive expertise to provide a comprehensive solar hot water package using high quality components and tailored to your project's individual requirements.

All our solar systems include step-by-step installation manuals and free installer support.

Comprehensive packages

Our comprehensive solar thermal packages are supplied with the following items:

  • Flat panel or evacuated tube collectors
  • Mountings for slate/pan/plain tiles, metal or flat roofs
  • Pre-insulated solar connection pipe work
  • Digital solar controller with probes
  • Solar pumping station
  • Expansion vessel with quick-couple connection
  • Solar heat transfer fluid/anti-freeze
  • Insulation set

Free quotations

Looking for a cost price for a solar thermal system for your project? Complete our online form here to receive a free, no obligation system quote.