Control Your Heating System From Anywhere

Upgrading to our central and remote control package will change the way you use your heating system forever. No need to engage with thermostats or time clocks directly any longer; our app based control lets you control everything from your smart phone or tablet.

The intuitively designed app ensures programming and override commands are quick and easy for anybody to use. Better still, access is readily available as the app can be loaded onto your favourite mobile devices.

Ultimate compatibility

With versions available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone, you'll be able to install our app onto pretty much any smart phone or tablet.

Precise, simple control

The app lets you adjust any thermostat or time clock on the system to make precise adjustments to current or programmed times and temperatures. System profiles allow you to configure the system to suit your lifestyle, such as separate settings for Weekdays and Weekends, and switch between them automatically, or manually with a simple tap.

Energy saving

Precise control of your system allows you to save energy by only heating your home and hot water when necessary.

Sheer convenience

Holiday mode disables the regular settings whilst you are away, saving energy whilst still ensuring frost protection temperatures are maintained to protect the house and its contents. Simply tell the system when you'll be back and the house and hot water will be nice and warm ready for your return.