Gas, Oil, LPG and Electric Boiler Systems

Fossil fuel or electric boilers are useful to have as a back up on systems which are relying on intermittent energy sources such as solar thermal and wood burning stoves. Configured to only come on when required, a back up boiler is used to maintain system performance and provide frost protection when other sources of heat have been exhausted.

Chelmer were one of the first companies to use condensing boilers in the UK and have been designing and supplying boiler based heating systems for over 25 years. We use our extensive expertise to provide a comprehensive boiler based package designed to maximise condensing boiler efficiency using high quality components and tailored to your project's individual requirements.

All our boiler systems include step-by-step installation manuals and free installer support.

Renewable integration

Our range of thermal store cylinders also allow the integration of renewable sources such as heat pumps, solar thermal and wood burning stoves into the heating and hot water system for reduced running costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

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