Ecocat Thermal Store: How it Works

The Ecocat thermal store cylinder has been carefully designed to efficiently integrate multiple heat sources into a single heating and hot water system.

Key components at a glance

Ecocat Thermal Store Cylinder Design Layout

Mains pressure hot water

The hot water section of the Ecocat cylinder houses a large surface area coil (4m²), which is used to heat mains-pressure water on demand. The coil itself is surrounded by system (primary) water that can be heated by multiple heat inputs.

Heat pumps and boilers are prioritised as a back-up heat sources to be brought in only when heat from any renewable sources, such as solar and/or wood burning stove, cannot cope with the hot water demand. A back-up immersion heater also allows for the production of hot water should the main heat source(s) fail.

Heating buffer

The dedicated heating buffer section of the Ecocat acts as a store of energy that can be used to satisfy small, infrequent demands without having to repeatedly activate a heat source to reduce wasteful on/off cycling.

The buffer also allows the connection of multiple energy sources into an underfloor heating system and/or a low temperature radiator circuit. Like the hot water section, the heating buffer is also controlled to give renewable sources priority over the system's back-up boiler or heat pump.

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