Dual Cylinder Thermal Store Systems

For larger domestic and commercial projects, our dedicated heating buffer cylinders are used in conjunction with our high-gain unvented cylinders to allow greater variation between heating and hot water demand.

Versatility for larger projects

Our dual cylinder systems allow all the benefits of our Ecocat thermal store cylinder, like the integration of our boilers, heat pumps, solar and wood burning stoves, whilst also allowing for greater energy storage.

Optimised for Heat Pumps and Boilers

The separate low-temperature heating buffer allows the small, infrequent heating demands of a property that is "up to temperature" to be met by stored renewable energy before activating the heat pump/boiler to reduce wasteful on/off cycling.

Optimised for Solar Thermal

Both our heating buffer and hot water cylinder feature a solar coil for connection to our solar thermal systems. The solar system is configured to heat each cylinder independently to maximise the use of any available solar energy.

Optimised for Stoves and Ranges

Our Solid Fuel Stove Connection Kits (sold separately) allow a solid fuel stove or range to heat both the hot water and heating buffer cylinders to their required temperatures independently for safe and efficient use.