Ecocat Thermal Store Cylinder Sizing Guide

At Chelmer, our thermal store cylinders form the heart of our systems. Acting as a central hub for heating and hot water, they allow the integration of multiple heat sources (i.e. boiler, solar thermal and a stove) into a single system.

The guides below should give you an idea of which of our thermal stores is suitable for your project. To enable us to accurately specify the correct cylinder for your particular application, please submit your project plans and requirements for a free quotation.

Sizing guidelines

Demand Ecocat 300 Ecocat 400 Ecocat 500
Hot Water
3-4 Bedrooms
4-5 Bedrooms
5-6 Bedrooms
Space Heating

Heat source compatibility

Heat Source Ecocat 300 Ecocat 400 Ecocat 500
Gas/Oil/LPG/Electric Boiler
Ground/Water/Air Heat Pump
Solar Thermal
Wood Burning Stove/Range Kit
Wood Pellet/Log Burning Biomass

Frequently asked questions

What if my project is larger or has increased hot water demand?

For larger domestic and commercial projects (400m²+), our dedicated heating buffer cylinders are used in conjunction with our high-gain unvented cylinders to allow greater variation between heating and hot water demand; please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.