Wood Pellet Biomass Boilers

Our wood pellet boilers can be used as the sole heat source for a property's heating and hot water, or act as a backup for a solar thermal and/or wood burning stove system.

Carbon neutral

Because burning wood pellets give out the same amount of carbon dioxide as was taken up by the trees they came from, they are classed as a carbon neutral form of heating.

Heat on demand

Unlike wood burning stoves and the larger log burning gasification units, the granular wood pellets allow an automatic and measured response to heating demands, with human intervention only required to refill the feeding hopper when it runs out.

Suitable for Projects Large and Small

With units available in 15kW, 25kW and 43kW and our ability to combine multiple units into a single, larger system, we can provide a wood pellet heating and hot water solution for projects of all sizes.