Control Options

Underfloor heating systems are typically divided into areas of control called zones (i.e. kitchen and utility, living room, bathroom, etc.). Each zone has its own thermostat, allowing it to be independantly controlled for increased comfort and efficiency.

Choose the controls that are right for you

Our underfloor heating systems include dial thermostats which are controlled by a time clock per floor for ease of operation. Upgrade to our digital room controls for precise, independant time and temperature control of each zone and the ability to control everything from a smart phone or tablet from anywhere you have internet access.

Intelligent comfort control

Underfloor heating systems work most efficiently with a setback temperature when not in use. This ensures that the rooms do not get so cold that it takes more time and energy to reheat them than would be used to simply maintain their temperature.

Both our standard and digital thermostat options feature an automatic setback function for increased system efficiency. Our digital thermostats are also self-optimising; they learn how long it takes to heat a room and will automatically turn on the heating system earlier so that the room achieves its set temperature by the programmed time.

Ultimate control of your heating system

For additional convienience and efficiency our digital control upgrade allows you to control your heating system from your Apple, Android or Windows smart phone or tablet using WiFi or 4G/3G/GPRS. More information can be found on our central and remote controls option page, here.