Dual Cylinder Thermal Store Systems: What's Included

Included items

  • Thermal buffer cylinder with solar coil
  • Mains pressure hot water cylinder with high-gain heat source coil and solar coil
  • 3kW backup immersion heater for hot water
  • Factory fitted safety valves
  • Pressure reducing valve with balanced cold output
  • Overheat safety thermostat
  • Domestic expansion vessel

Dual cylinder system control packs

To ensure compatibility, our cylinder control packs (sold separately) encompass our bespoke Chelmer system designs, wiring diagrams and system control box for the project, as well as the relevant system control valves, thermostats and time-clocks normally provided separately by an installer. Our control systems also have networking options so that the various Chelmer components can all be controlled centrally and/or remotely via the internet if desired.

Control pack items

  • System control box with hot water priority
  • Control box terminals for other system components
  • Hot water time clock
  • Motorised valve for hot water cylinder
  • Motorised valve for heating buffer cylinder
  • Cylinder hot water thermostat
  • Cylinder heating buffer thermostat