System Design Guarantee

Proper system design is essential in order to deliver an efficient and trouble-free system. All of our system packages carry our design guarantee, ensuring you and your client peace of mind when installing one of our systems.

The importance of design

Each project has it's own specific heat requirements, room layouts and end user requirements, whilst each system component has different flow rate and temperature requirements in order to run efficiently. We take all of these variables and more into account when designing our systems to deliver you a comprehensive design that is simpler to install and guaranteed to perform.

Our packages

We aim to make installing our systems as quick and simple as possible. This is why every system design we produce includes bespoke system layout schematics and wiring diagrams, rather than multiple separate drawings you have to piece together on site, meaning you have complete confidence as to how the system is to be installed.

In addition, our system control boxes, included as part of our packages, have dedicated terminals for each system component, allowing you to quickly make the system electrical connections with confidence.