Additional Options

In addition to complete heating and hot water solutions, we also offer additional options to enchance and compliment your system.

Central and remote control

Control your heating and hot water from anywhere using your Andoind or iOS device with our remote system controls.

Radiator and towel rail integration

Incorporate radiator and towel rail circuits into your Chelmer system with our cost effective control pack add-ons.

No waiting for hot water

Our secondary hot water loop system circulates hot water past all of the outlets so that you don't have to wait for hot water to come out of the tap when you turn it on, saving both time and water. Our time and temperature controls ensure that the circuit is only active when necessary for further energy savings.

No pressure? No problem!

For areas with poor water supply pressure or no mains connection, our pressure boosting systems come in a range of options to suit the project's water supply and hot water demand.

Hard water solutions

Or range of water treatment options includes electronic scale inhibitors to reduce the build-up of lime scale as well as full-blown water softeners to remove water hardness for reduced cleaning, increased lifespan of appliances and reduced detergent use.